Taking the Step: Agoraphobia

I sometimes imagine myself somewhere away from home. Confident, feeling powerful and enjoying my surroundings. Then reality hits – I can’t do it, I can’t go there.

I’ve decided to log a list of places or things I’d like to do this year. All of which are mundane, every day things that I wouldn’t have even batted an eyelid at a year ago. Oh how things change!

  • Dentist
  • Holiday
  • Cinema
  • Town
  • Supermarket
  • Swimming
  • Soft play
  • Bus
  • Local Play Group
  • Eating Out
  • Hospital (to visit niece or nephew)
  • Plane / abroad
  • Day out with the kids
  • Take my Daughter to her trampolining class

Not only am I narrowing my world by staying in and letting Agoraphobia take a hold of me, I’m also teaching my children that the world is a scary place and that Mummy isn’t brave enough to take the plunge for their sakes. They’ve missed out on all the activities I used to love doing because I just can’t face the anticipation of a panic attack.

This year I WILL do all these things. I have to. This is my road to recovery and despite my fear at what lies ahead within those little bullet points, I’m going to do it!

Love, Dannii

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