Blogmas #18: Handmade Chocolate Slabs

We love making Christmas gifts and we love chocolate. Combine the two and you have a low cost gift made with lots of love that will be enjoyed by all!

Chocolate Slabs

If you’re anything like me, I refuse to eat my kids’ foodie makes. Let’s face it, I watch those cute little chubby fingers hunt for bogies, so I’m always wary of hygiene unless I’m supervising from the second they wash their hands to the moment I save their makes from contamination. I always assure the recipient that it was a supervised craft and they are perfectly edible!

All you need is:

Silicone moulds

Chocolate for melting (I used Tesco value dark, milk & white chocolate)

Cake decor (marshmallows, smashed Crunchie bars, cupcake decorations, icing pens etc – whatever takes your fancy! Go mad)

Cellophane gift bags


Melt the chocolate – I fill a saucepan with boiling water and put the chocolate in a cake tin which fits perfectly over the top.

Pour the chocolate in the moulds and add any decoration you want while the chocolate is still melted!

Put them in the fridge for an hour for it to set and pop out once done.

We put them in these cute cellophane bags from Amazon, added a festive gift tag with the name of the masterpiece (chosen by the children!) and the ingredients on the back (in case of allergies).

Have you/will you be trying it out?!

Love, Dannii

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