Blogmas #17: December Evening Routine

I love Christmas! How many times have I said that in my blog posts?! It’s just the best season, especially for evenings! Don’t get me wrong, I do love Summer evenings with the patio doors open, a glass of something cold and Love Island to watch. Autumn is the best though, there’s something about curling up under a blanket with a book and hot drink, hearing the rain pitter patter on your window with the little lamp on and all the Christmas decorations – ahhhh, bliss!

My evenings usually start when all three children are tucked into bed and I’ve done the washing up from dinner so I can really relax and enjoy the peace and quiet!

I love baths, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I had a shower?! It’s an absolute must in the colder months though. Soaking away the day’s blues in a hot bath with your towel warming on the radiator ready to wrap yourself up in when you get out.

I either use this bubble bath, or bath bombs (this one is from Bomb Cosmetics):

After bathing, I do my usual skincare routine, brush my hair and get into some warm and cosy pajamas!

I head downstairs and make myself and my Husband a cup of tea or hot chocolate, depending on what tickles my fancy.

I grab a blanket & get comfy, my pug puppy always joins me for a snuggle…

The corner of our corner suite is MY spot! Everyone in the house knows to move when I enter the living room! I did not spend that much money on it for me to be relegated to the edge – nope.

Then I watch a soap marathon much to my Husband’s displeasure (although, I know he secretly likes them as he knows all the characters’ names and every now and again will pipe up with a comment relating to a scene we just watched!)

After all the soaps are watched, I’ll check my social media & blog, reply to comments and have a read of blogs I’m subscribed to. I then go to bed and read a couple of chapters of the book I’m currently reading and go to sleep!

I love my evenings, I love being a total hermit and having no plans!

What’s your routine?

Love, Dannii

2 thoughts on “Blogmas #17: December Evening Routine

  1. I would LOVE cuddling with my little puppy! That’s super relaxing! I don’t actually take baths, I’m definitely a shower person. But with a bath bomb and some bubbles it might be something I would enjoy! Great post! Sounds relaxing!

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