Blogmas #8: Look Fantastic CHRISTMAS Edition!

The first of my Christmas beauty boxes has arrived! This is SO exciting for me because I love the goodies I get anyway and the surprise element is elevated around this time of year!

Look Fantastic are a monthly beauty subscription box starting from £13 per month and free delivery. They are usually one of my favourites, so I was especially anticipating a good one this month with it being Christmas…

The theme is Beauty in Wonderland and the box is just gorgeous! Not only the cover, but look at the print inside!

Bubble T (Limited Edition!)

This is has been specially formulated for this box and is a blueberry tea fragranced bath bomb, I can’t wait to try this out! It matches the theme of the box which is really cute.

Gatineau Anti-Ageing Serum

This is apparently a really good anti-ageing serum, so I’m looking forward to seeing the results!


This is very festive – a genuine Lapland hand cream?! This is a formula made for the women of Lapland keeping hands hydrated. It is SO lush and moisturising without being greasy, I highly recommend it!


This exfoliating cleanser is all natural and safe for sensitive skin (which I seem to have acquired recently). It purifies, cleanses pores and claims skin will be left radiant and smooth. I do love a scrub so I’m keen to try it.

Figs and Rouge Day Cream

This brand focus on bio-active formulas to match each skin type to diminish imperfections and even out skin tone. Super hydrating and will apparently restore elasticity. Oooh, sounds promising!


When I first saw this matte lipstick in bossy I thought it was way too dark and not a colour I’d normally go for but when I swatched it, I was really impressed! It’s a lot lighter than it looks.

Overall, I’m looking forward to trying every item and I’m happy with all the products. I would have preferred a few more make up items as opposed to so much skincare, but then I guess the last box provided all that so I can’t complain.

Love, Dannii

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