Blogmas #7: Bargain Clothing Haul

Having three children means shopping funds are limited! Especially around Christmas!

I don’t have the disposable income I used to have and so I need to be less frivolous when shopping for myself.

I decided to have a little splurge on eBay ready for Winter and found some absolute gems that I thought I’d share with you! (I will get better photos next time!)

I searched “ladies size 8 or 10” and sorted by “ending soonest” so I could snap up some bargains. Despite popular belief, I’m not always glued to my phone so I tend to miss out on the deals if I bid days (or hours) in advance!

I got this nautical Peter Pan collar jumper for a grand total of £3.89 with postage!
This is ‘brand new’ from the UK (not China, so it only took a few days to arrive). Not bad for £5.98 including postage, don’t you think?! Well, it was NOTHING like the photo! It’s Rudolph RED not like the pic!

When I saw these had no bids with seconds to go I panic bid without much thought! The colour isn’t the same in real life as the photo, but better in my opinion! (Jumper is from Next, a maternity one!). For £4.59 I’m so happy with these jeggings!

I thought I’d buy one to see the quality before I buy any other colours, I’m really happy! Not too thick/thin. Only set me back £6.99 and it’s well worth it.

A staple item, I really wanted a denim skirt to wear with my black tights and boots. For £5.70 I’m SO happy, fits a treat!

£7.94 is quite pricey for my bargain brain to get its head around, haha! However, they don’t fit me 😦 They are far too big and don’t look right. Waaaaaaaah!

I’m not even sure why I bid on this because it’s not something that would normally catch my eye… must have been an impulse bid! £5 inc postage though and I actually think it’s quite nice.

I LOVED these as soon as I saw them! You can dress them up or down and I love the colour. However, I’m unsure if they suit me?!

I bought these on a whim thinking I should be braver and bolder. They’d be lovely with black stilettos and a black sheer shirt but not sure about day to day…

Another panic bid! A few seconds to go and no bids. My brain doesn’t have time to think these things through and I just know my Husband is going to make some joke about me looking like an OAP, I’ll take that chance. I can’t help but love them! Am I mad? For £3.94 I don’t care!

When I won the trousers above, I needed a mustard shirt to go with them 😉 £4.93 and I’m pretty chuffed. I love the colour!

4 bids, you can see I battled for this one! I would never normally pay £6.90 for a second hand, basic eBay shirt but I was invested… and I despise losing…

Are you a bargain hunter or would you never dream of buying second hand? Discuss!

Love, Dannii x

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