Blogmas #6: Elf Update!

So Jingles (our version of Elf on the Shelf) has been here for 6 days now and has been a very cheeky (and generous) little chap!

This is his fourth or fifth (can’t quite remember!) year with us and he never disappoints – from his quirky little festive gifts to his mischievous ways, he never fails to put a smile on the kids’ faces each morning!

Here are his antics so far:

He arrived, and he bought advent calendars!

He also got a bit excited with some Christmas bows and stuck them all over the kitchen!

He redeemed himself by bringing the kids some pom pom crafts…

Ooops, he dropped bran flakes! He did try to hoover them up though…

My kids woke up and checked themselves out the mirror, they thought it was fantastic that he’d drawn moustaches overnight! I’m betting he had some trouble with this one!!

He bought them all flashing Christmas necklaces!

Love, Dannii

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