Blogmas #4: Christmas Traditions

We all have our own traditions over Christmas, it’s part of why I love the festive period so much! The lead up is just so exciting and I’m going to share what makes our Christmas so special to us.

Jingles the Elf:

I won’t drag this one out as Day 1 of Blogmas covered this little guy! He makes Christmas the most magical and exciting experience for our children. We love waking up each morning to see what he’s been up to overnight!

Gingerbread House:

This is hit and miss (OK, it’s never a hit, always a miss). I can never get the walls to stick together without it looking like something from Cowboy Builders. Still, the stress, sweat and tears don’t take the fun out of trying!

Handmade Cards:

The kids make cards for relatives every year. They love arts and crafts anyway but there is something special about Christmas crafts!

Donating to Foodbanks:

Every year we spend £20 on items for our local Trussell Trust food bank. It’s important that my kids learn to give as well as receive over Christmas.

Christmas Eve:

This is our family day. Our Elf brings Christmas Eve boxes for each of the kids filled with hot chocolate, new PJs, books and crafts to keep the kids entertained. We bake, watch a film, have baths and settle down ready for bed. I then prep all my veg for tomorrow.

T’was the Night Before Christmas:

I was brought up with this book every Christmas Eve. I still know all the words to it! My kids enjoy reading it too so after their bath, once we’re all settled down we read the book together with milk and a biscuit!

Santa’s Treats:

Santa loves a mince pie, glass of milk and (of course) a carrot for head Reindeer, Rudolph! We leave these out for him by our fireplace.


My kids are a little nervous about Santa coming upstairs so we leave the stockings downstairs for him to fill, then open them on our bed together Christmas morning after we’ve brushed our teeth!


I always cook Christmas dinner! I couldn’t imagine a time where I won’t love this part of Christmas. We usually have my Mum, her Husband and my brothers over but this year, with my eating habits all over the place and Agoraphobia/Panic Disorder with a tight grip, we decided we’ll eat here as a family then go over there Christmas evening.

Christmas Day Evening:

We play games, watch Christmas TV and generally just chat, drink and enjoy our time together!

Boxing Day:

We visit my Husband’s family at their Village disco and the kids see their cousins, other relatives and have a play (and dance!). We exchange gifts and then head over to my Dad’s place to exchange more gifts!

I absolutely ADORE this time of the year! I love hearing about traditions, what are yours?

Love, Dannii

6 thoughts on “Blogmas #4: Christmas Traditions

  1. Your Christmas sounds lovely! I think having kids probably makes it really special. I hope I can one day have a kid to make Christmas special for. (Though at 29, I’m starting to think it might never happen).

  2. This is absolutely wonderful I love hearing about Christmas traditions. We always lead up to Christmas with a different movie each night and have a mince pie with each one.

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