Blogmas #1: Meet Jingles

Yay! My first month of daily blogging! I am SO excited and have had blog ideas jotted in my journal for months now (seriously, since September – I can’t be the only one!).

Christmas is by FAR my favourite holiday for more reasons that I could possibly list. Mostly though, it’s the lead up to the big day that gets me going. My 9 year old Daughter reads my blogs (hello, Evie!) so I’m sure she’ll be reading this and bouncing off the walls with anticipation!

I thought I should probably start by introducing a little fella who makes Christmas in the Summerfield household so entertaining and exciting; his name is Jingles and he’s been visiting us for 5 years now. My kids (and us – guilty) absolutely adore him and are always so excited for 1st December when he makes his grand entrance. In preparation, we construct his own front door…

He comes with only one rule; no touching! The reason for this is because he obviously needs his magic to fly to the North Pole each evening when they kids are in bed to carry out tasks for Santa. If a human touches him the magic will diminish and he might not get back!

We have a toddler now so I’m sure his antics will be out of reaching level, but my Son did slip up a couple of years ago and touched him – eeek! It was no huge deal though as Santa put him up in Elf Hospital and he regained his magic again, phew!

Here are some of his antics over the past few years:

I will be sharing his antics this year in a sporadic posts, so keep an eye out and follow my blog to see more if you haven’t already!

I’ll be posting daily photos on my Twitter (here) and in Instagram stories (here).

See you tomorrow!

Love, Dannii

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