November’s Blogger Edit

My first Blogger Edit! I wanted some regular blog content each month, so when I was tagged by the lovely HolzieLoves (see her post here) I had to join in! This will be a regular theme on the first Friday of every month.

I know a lot of bloggers choose to include this on their sites, but I want this to be as authentic as possible and instead of calling on Twitter for people to put themselves forward for a feature, I want to share with you my own discovered bloggers. Bloggers I genuinely believe have content worth following and suggesting to you guys.

It’s SO hard to narrow this down since there are so many bloggers I desperately want to talk about, but I have created a list and will be getting through them eventually!

I will, of course, start with the lady who tagged me:

Holzie Loves

The first thing that struck me about her blog site was the quirky little Welcome recording! Her voice is adorable and I thought this was such a personal touch! Us bloggers know it can be difficult to get across our personalities and character over text.

Her posts are short and sweet but I like a good mix of quick blogs & longer ones so this works for me. She recently went through a health issue which has affected her tremendously and she talks about her journey through this difficult time but remains positive, and I think that it the theme throughout her blogs; positivity, hope & strength.

Beautiful Messed Up Minds

This lady is so unbelievably inspiring. I first discovered her blog a couple of weeks ago after she shared on Twitter “An Open Letter To My Rapist” and honestly, I sat in my car waiting for my Daughter to come out of school and I was holding back the tears. I was so choked up and really felt her pain, strength and courage. I was absolutely praying the post would end with a conviction. I couldn’t put my phone down. If that isn’t the sign of a fantastic blogger, I don’t know what is! After that post I trawled back through my Twitter notifications (she had retweeted my response to her) so I could go back to read the rest of her blog.

She posts pretty similarly to me, mostly make up/beauty related reviews dabbling in a few more personal entries. I’m never bored reading her entries so I highly recommend you go check her out!

Midnight Wanderer

It’s hard to believe Chloe is just 19. At 19 I was a bit quirky but didn’t have much direction or understanding of my own feelings, let alone processing them and putting them down into words. Chloe writes with such passion, I almost imagine her getting her laptop out and writing effortlessly without checking over her work. Her mind spills onto her posts beautifully and I really admire the way she constructs her posts.

Chloe has been nominated for a few blogger awards – it’s no surprise, really! I find myself reaching for her blog when I’m tucked up in bed as it reads like chapters in a book which I love!

I hope you enjoyed my first entry for Feature Friday, I enjoyed sharing it! If you’re not already following these fab bloggers please do, they really are worth investing 5-10 mins a few times a week to read.

Love, Dannii


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