My Christmas Beauty Wish List

Birthdays, Christmas, anniversary… I always ask for beauty products that I can’t normally justify buying month to month. I should probably add a note to say that this WOULD be my wishlist IF money was no object! I won’t actually be asking for half of this stuff, but so many pretty beauty bundles get launched before Christmas which makes it too tempting not to lust after!

LUSH Hello Gorgeous Gift Set, £23.95

I LOVE Lush products. This particular one is great because it contains some of my absolute favourite items of theirs, especially the shower scrub and bubble bar!

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Eau De Parfum, £29.50

This is practically half price! I am a bargain hunter, always. I’ve never really owned expensive perfume, I occasionally get Burberry from my Dad but this bottle is just gorgeous and I trust that Michael Kors would just bring out a really beautidul scent. Have any of you tried this?

INC.redible Lip Products, from £8

Nails INC just launched what looks like the most amazing lip products! I think they’ll be huge with all the well known YouTubers on board to promote it. The swatches I’ve seen have certainly meant these are DEFINITELY taking a spot on my list!

Estee Lauder Protect & Hydrate Skincare Gift Set, £37.40

Let’s just say, my skin is feeling the effects of being 30! I’m really hot on my skincare regime and I’m ALWAYS looking for new products. I’ve heard great reviews on the Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream and I love their moisturiser, pretty please can I have this, Santa?!

Benefit Beauty & The Bay, £29.33

I haven’t tried ‘They’re Real’, ‘High Beam’ or ‘Hoola’, all of which I really love the look of; and here they are in an actual set together in amazing packaging. Yes please!

NYX Mattes Vs Metals Vault, £30

I have so many lip products, I probably shouldn’t want any more…

…ah, you only live once.

Tarte Shape Tape, £28.02

I’ve wanted this for about 6 months (thanks to YouTube, gah!) but I can’t justify nearly £30 on a concealer, can I?!

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Gift Basket, £10

I love pick & mix of any variety (mostly sweets), but a face mask pick and mix is heaven (excuse the pun!) I love nothing more than the thought of twiddling my fingers after a long soak with a selection of masks to choose from.

Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, £79

25 beauty products in a gorgeous, sturdy vanity box with a value of over £300! If I got this for Christmas, I would (definitely wouldn’t) save it to open throughout January to beat the Christmas blues! I’m too impatient for that. I just couldn’t justify paying the best part of £100 on a glorified countdown but I’m hoping it will go on sale during December – if they don’t go out of stock by then…

Tiffany Does Make Up Brush Set £20

If this isn’t the prettiest brush set with the prettiest packaging, I don’t know what is! Tiffany is my friend, but aside from that, I know for a fact she wouldn’t sell anything that she wouldn’t use herself so I trust the quality on these is going to be fantastic!

My 3 absolute must-haves are the Lush set, the NYX set and Tarte Shape Tape. I would be over the moon to open those on Christmas morning!

What are you asking for? Any other gift inspirations?

Love, Dannii

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