The Most Sentimental Christmas Gift

Life as we know it can change at any moment. What is your ‘norm’ today may be gone tomorrow and I don’t care how cliche it is, we cannot take life for granted.

I don’t like to be too morbid but we are realists, I know that one day I’m likely to be an orphan. I’m likely to lose both my parents. How do you ask the catalogue of questions you want to ask when you don’t even know where to start? Once they’re gone they’ll forever remain unanswered. Until now…

I first discovered this gift a few years ago when my Husband bought it for me to give my Mum after a recommendation from a guy at work, since then I have given this as a gift to pretty much every relative who is older than me! My Husband also bought me one for each of my children and as it is SUCH an in depth journal, I think it will take me years to complete to get it just how I would want to pass it on.

Introducing the gift you will DEFINITELY want to be dishing out this year!

The idea behind this journal of a lifetime is that you give it as a gift to your recipient, they then complete the journal and give it back to you. Sadly, some of the relatives I have given my books to will likely have passed by the time I get the books back, but what a fantastic keepsake to have. There are quite probing questions like “what is your biggest regret in life?” and “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?”. There are also ones you might never think to ask like “If you could create a playlist of your life, what songs would you choose?”

In the “From You To Me” series they pretty much cover every relative for the generation(s) above you and you can buy online from a variety of places, but Amazon seems to be the cheapest at around £7.50 – £12.00 a book.

Dear Mum

Dear Dad

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandad

Dear Friend

Dear Future Me

Dear Sister

Dear Brother

You cannot put a price on a gift like this, it’s going to be such a wonderful keepsake for generations to come. I’ll never forget seeing my Nan’s diary after she’d passed – it was still very raw but the unfinished business gave me chills. Doctor appointments that she had marked down but would never attend, birthdays that she had already bought the cards for but would never send; just touching the pages and seeing her handwriting is such a special gift.

Whether you have the most amazing relationship with your relatives, or you want to reach out to ones you’re not as close to, this book is THE perfect gift.

Love, Dannii

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