Roccabox November 2017

I am always excited for my Roccabox delivery. They deliver amazing products with amazing bloggers!

This month’s box was put together by Really Ree, a well known beauty blogger who has teamed with Ardell for her own lash design!
Roccabox is a rolling monthly subscription service that you can cancel at any time. You usually receive the box the first week of each month and it costs £10 + £3.95 P&P. You can buy it here!

Really Ree, the curator of November’s Roccabox

I suppose this day was inevitable… I was pretty disappointed when I opened the box. I’m absolutely gutted to be posting this because I genuinely love Roccabox. I’ve not lost faith in them at all as I’m sure next month’s box will be fab!

Ardell Lashes (no price as they’re not for sale?)

I don’t really get these. I’m all about the big lashes, if I’m going to the effort of wearing falsies I don’t want them to get lost on my eyes! I know I am probably in a minority here since lots of you will be wanting the more natural look. So I will forgive this one and gift them out 🙂

Deep Cleansing Mask Omorovicza (RRP £60)

Firstly, this is the smallest tester ever. It’s essentially 1 application worth. I’m not too mad about that, but am I ever REALLY going to pay £60 on a face mask? Absolutely friggin’ not. 

Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo (RRP £16) and Conditioner (£20.50)

OK so these testers are good. Really good. I’m not rushing out to buy the full sized versions but they were a nice treat while they’ll last (3-4 washes depending on hair length). I have to admit that I feel cheated as I count them as 1 product. I feel like a spoilt brat right about now.

Murad Exfoliating Cleanser (RRP £35)*

This has no scent but it feels nice to use. My face felt really cleansed afterwards and softer as it lifts the dead skin. This is my favourite product in this box!

*Use code DISCOVERMURAD at checkout to receive 15% off.

Overall, I am bitterly disappointed and I’m really gutted I couldn’t be more positive about this box. Let’s face it, all subscriptions are going to have bad months, they can’t please everyone! I always rave about Roccabox so I’ll feel bad for my friends who ordered it this month (sorry!)

Not only are the lashes not something I would go for (go big or go home!) but I count the shampoo & conditioner as one product so I felt cheated. I also think this blogger has chosen items that are too expensive and they’re all testers – I’m not likely to go out and buy any of these once they’ve run out. 

In her bio on the card it states that Anne-Marie’s all about “keeping it real for ordinary people”, ordinary people can’t afford £60 face masks or £36.50 on a shampoo and conditioner? 

I would have liked to have seen a make up item, maybe a liquid liner or a nail varnish in a pretty Autumn shade, a more affordable face mask, a bath bomb/salts or something.

I’m certain this was just a kink in an amazing chain of boxes and they’ll come back bigger and better next month! 

Love, Dannii

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