Brows: Pencil, Powder or Pomade?

I personally think brows are pretty much THE most important facial feature. They not only frame your face but a woman with good brows is pretty much a Goddess in my eyes since they’re so damn hard to get right (I can’t be alone in thinking like this!?)

There are so many solutions to brow problems nowadays; from microblading, semi permanent tattoos, HD brows… That’s if you can afford the upkeep and find a decent beautician to pull it off!

When it comes to everyday brow make up, there are so many products that it can be quite daunting to know what to opt for; pencil, powder or pomade? I’ve tried all 3 over the years and wanted to share my thoughts:


We all start with a pencil, don’t we? Well, I guess if you were born late 90s/early Naughties you probably jumped straight onto pomades, brow gels and carving… I’m not bitter, but if that’s you, you’ll never experience the joy of drawing two straight lines above your eyes and heading straight out like that.

In all seriousness though, a pencil is good if you already have well defined brows and just need to bulk them out a bit or fill in small areas. If your hair is really sparse, I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s very hard to create very small hair-like strokes and it can look quite ‘blocky’ unless you have the right product, which can be pricey…

The styles out in recent years from the likes of Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills (closely followed by drug store dupes) mean that it’s easier to make it look more natural with their precision tip pencil.

Pencil is chalkier & gives quite a harsh defined brow


1) E.l.f Brow Pencil, £3

2) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, £22

3) Mac Eyebrow Pencil, 14.50


Brow powders are affordable and generally come in a little duo or trio mini palette with a really mini brow brush. They usually come with a lighter shade powder, a darker shade and a wax too. No-one ever really knows what goes first; the wax for the powder to stick to, or the powder and then set with the wax?! Either way, the result is a lighter, not too heavy brow and it’s really easy to apply with very little room for error! I do find it’s too light a coverage for my brows, as they are so sparse.

A much lighter application, perfect for thickening up brows that already have the bulk

1) NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, £6

2) L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Kit, £9

3) Benefit FoolProof Powder, £20


Pomade is my brow product of choice. t’s a small pot of a thick creamy gel and you use a small angled brow brush to apply it. This is my preferred method because my brow hair is so sparse that I need to create hair strokes to make it look more natural. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow brought out a fantastic formula which is still a firm favourite amongst the Instagram make up enthusiasts, although I’d certainly say drug store brands are really giving them a run for their money by bringing out cheaper, bigger pomade pots.

Formula you can apply lightly or heavier, depending on your preference with more precision


1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, £19

2) Freedom Pomade, £5

3) NYX Tame and Frame, £6

Which one do you use?

Love, Dannii

13 thoughts on “Brows: Pencil, Powder or Pomade?

  1. I liked this post! I can normally get away with a pencil as I have quite thick full brows, and don’t really like powder. I’d be interested to try a pomade though xxx

  2. I like to mix my brow products up. Some days I go for a pencil, som days a powder and other a wax 😀 But ne of my fave ways, and the quickest is the brow pencil for me. I would love to try the brow wiz and elf pencil 🙂

  3. I’ve never used anything but a pencil! Mainly because I’m scared to branch out and mess up my eyebrows! But I’ve considered trying pomade because I’ve had my friends do it on me for special occasions and I love the look! Love this post!

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