BRAND TALK: Make Up Revolution

If you follow me on Instagram (*shameless plug!* find me here) you’ll know it’s no secret I’m a huge fan of this brand. Nearly every one of my looks involve a Make Up Revolution product (or 5). I’m not sponsored, I get no discount, I’m just a huge fan & like to purchase their latest products!

All of their products are cruelty free & most (if not all) are vegan.

You’ll find them on Tam Beauty (the home of Freedom, I Heart Make Up & Make Up Revolution – all under the same umbrella) and in Superdrug.

Nestled between Maybelline, Revlon, MUA, Rimmel & many others, there is a fantastic array of formulas, colours, shades & the shimmeriest (is that a word? No? I’m keeping that in here anyway) highlighters you ever did see.

There is something particularly special about MUR that always keeps me wanting more, like a kid in a sweet shop, there is always something else that I want. Payday brings me straight back to their section in Superdrug. They bring out new releases all the time and have some fab dupes for their pricier competitors.

I have been through my make up bag & chosen some Make Up Revolution products you NEED in your life. If you don’t already own them, you must*

*consider yourself told

**I should probably say, I will not be held responsible for expensive shopping sprees & negative bank accounts

***don’t get into debt, unless it’s for any of these items, in which case, it’s worth it

****ignore the above. It not worth it

*****kinda is though…

Flawless 3 Resurrection £8.00

This palette is so wearable & pretty to boot! The rose gold reflective packaging is very on trend right now. There is a good selection of mattes vs shimmers & you can create a lot of different looks with it.


Fortune Favours The Brave £9.99

This looks like a daring palette, colours most might not normally wear – but let me tell you, they are absolutely gorgeous & it’s deceiving just how wearable it is. The shimmers are intense, the pigments are unreal & it’s a bargain for the amount of wear you’ll get out of it!


Brow Pomade in Graphite £6.00 (the one I actually use is Dark Brown but I’ve almost run out! See pic below)

I absolutely swear by pomades. I used to use pencils in my teens but the sperm brow went off trend and now the more natural but carved brows are in. I find pomade achieves a really perfect brow!


Lumious Gold Liquid Highlighter £6.00

This highlight is seriously popping. Look how a small squeeze of the pipette creates such a mega shine! I blend out with a beauty sponge but you have to work quick. *Not the best product for textured skin* it can accentuate fine lines/bumpiness.


100% Vamp Lipstick £1.00

Yep, £1!!!! This is SO creamy. They have got the formula so right as it isn’t drying at all and gives a really lovely shine. It wears pretty well for the price & when it does inevitably start to wear off, it wears off evenly and leaves a lovely mauve hue.

SophDoesNails Palette £10.00

This is definitely my favourite palette. I find myself reaching for it daily bceause the colours are so varied; warm tones, cool tones, shimmers, pressed. Amazing combinations!


Here I am, wearing pretty much all of the above!

I think Make Up Revolution live up to their name. They’ve revolutionised make up & continue to do so. Always striving to bring us the very best, affordable, high quality products. Always ahead of the game and bringing out products that both the Instagram Make Up Enthusiasts & your average Mum at the school gates wants (needs, same thing).

I do have one bone to pick though; Mr Make Up Revolution, if you’re reading, PWETTY PWEASE can you bring out foundation?! 😭🤞🏼

Love, Dannii x

20 thoughts on “BRAND TALK: Make Up Revolution

  1. I don’t have any of the items pictured here (those eyeshadow palettes look awesome though), but I have a couple Makeup Revolution products that I quite like. The blur primer, eye primer, and rainbow heart highlighter.

  2. Oh I’m a massive fan of make up revolution too. I started off with their contour palette, buying purely because it was the cheapest one- before I’d even heard of MUR. I’m pleased I have majority of the above but there’s defo some there I need to go buy! I love the colour chaos palette too. I’m also dying to buy the 12 days of Christmas bundle from Superdrug….I think I need help with this addiction!!

  3. This is my favourite brand!!! I have 90% of their range, I’m obsessed. Also, I don’t know if you know but… if you go on the TAM beauty site you can build your own pallette! It’s pretty amazing x

      1. Just want to say a massive thank you for the info. I got 10 lipsticks, 5 eyeshadow pallettes, the mystery bag for £30 with free delivery! Can’t wait for it to arrive. Though I’ve no idea where I’m going to put it all… Plus I rarely bother wearing make up these days haha maybe that’s one of the things I will change ❤ x

      2. My parcel arrived today! I’m so impressed, got way more than I was expecting and will use every bit of it. Just posted about it and thanked you personally (think I linked to your blog correctly!) will be posting over the weekend about what was in there, wait until you see! Thanks again x

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