Pink Parcel October 2017

It’s ‘that’ time of the month. Pink Parcel delivery day! It’s bitter sweet as it also means my period is due, boooo!

If you haven’t heard of Pink Parcel, you NEED to go check them out. They’re a monthly subscription box costing £10.50 including delivery (one of the cheapest boxes you’ll find!) filled with products to ease the “time of the month”. When you register you can choose the items you’d prefer made up of well known brands. I choose a mixture of towels and tampons, you also get a mystery treat box with ‘feel good’ beauty products! The best part is that you can choose and amend your delivery date according to when you’ll be due on, so the box arrives in time to save your soul!

Inside the main box you get 3 smaller boxes; For You (box of beauty & feel good treats!) / For Night (heavier duty pads) / For Later (a stash of tampons and towels) & a handy sanitary bag that you can pop in your handbag (small pouch with a selection of pocket sized pads & tampons).

I really liked the little leaflet this months for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s so important to spread awareness and it’s a really handy, easy to read guide so we can all be breast aware:


The “For You” box is the exciting part… this contains all your hidden beauty gifts!

Urban Veda Daily Soothing Facial Wash (Travel Sized)

I hadn’t heard of this brand before so when I researched, I was pleased to see they are cruelty free using natural ingredients and herbs for their range. I was even happier once I’d tried it to find the full sized version is only £12.99! It smells beautiful and really cleanses without being drying, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and make up free.

Trifle Cosmetics Lipstick (RRP £15)

This is a beautiful neutral orangey shade infused with cocoa butter, I found it extremely moisturising and a really beautiful colour!


Blank Canvas Cosmetics F01 Face Brush (RRP £14.81)

This is a fab brush! The handle is a bit shorter than most brushes which is easier to hold and the bristles are ridiculously smooth! It states you can use this for powder or foundation so I put it to the test. My foundation applied and blended BEAUTIFULLY with not one brush stroke in sight; usually I have to finish off brush applied foundation with a sponge but this was fab – so quick too, a few swipes over my face and it was done!

MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush (RRP £3)

This was my least favourite product this month. I don’t like cream blush anyway so immediately I was put off, but this is practically flourescent pink which is not my colour at all.

Raw Halo Chocolate

I really enjoyed this and didn’t think I would! It’s gluten-free, dairy free & organic. It tastes quite salty which is right up my street as it counteracts the slight bitterness. Definitely one to nibble and not devour in one go as I can imagine it would taste quickly sickly.

Boost Green Tea (Sample)

I don’t drink green tea but the packaging is cute!

Cougar Mineral Eyeshadow

I don’t usually get on well with loose powder eyeshadow as I find it just falls out all over my face & creases so I wasn’t in love with this. It’s a wearable, neutral shade though so will work for the masses.

Pink Parcel October 2017


Overall, I really enjoyed this month’s box! A couple of products weren’t something I’d choose myself, but the ones I did like I really loved! You can’t go wrong for £10.50 though, can you!?

Love, Dannii

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