Favourite British YouTubers

I have in excess of 700 channels on Virgin, access to Netflix & housework to do, yet I am always drawn to checking out my favourite YouTubers first to see what new content they’ve brought out.

I’m mostly subscribed to beauty and make up related YouTubers but I like Vlogs too, I like to feel like I really know and understand the people I’m watching. I don’t like tutorials that are too stiff & constructed, a little personality goes a long way to retain my attention!

I have subscribed to a LOT of beauty & make up peeps so I wanted to share a handful of my favourites:


Chats | Beauty | Lifestyle | Make Up


I stumbled across Imogen at the start of the year after clicking a suggested video. At first I thought she was maybe trying too hard to get her personality out there & couldn’t work out how ‘real’ she was (God, I hate that word), but I couldn’t stop watching! She is such a huge character and it’s all genuine because her family members are just as nuts as she is! She is so engaging, I get excited when I see a notification to say she’s uploaded something & I always hope her Dad is in it (Ben’s Salad, ongoing Imogenation joke!)


Make Up Tutorials | Vlogs


I absolutely love this girl! You can tell she is naturally quite reserved & timid, in the sweetest way. She is just so lovely, someone you would just love to be friends with in real life. Her tutorials are brilliant and she really identifies with the average girl and her average budget.

Emma’s Rectangle

Make Up Tutorials | Vlogs


Emma is really relatable. She’s down to Earth and such a free spirit, she makes you want to burn your bra and go travelling. I feel like she’s talking to me personally when I watch her videos and she explains her step by step guides brilliantly.

Kaushal Beauty

Make Up | Beauty


Kaushal is the epitomy of beauty and class. She is absolutely gorgeous and passionate about natural beauty & positivity; a real self-love advocate. She doesn’t use ultra bright lighting or filters & speaks openly about the fact her looks are very true to life. She loves high end products and I could watch her all day!

Holly Boon

Make Up Tutorials

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I just love Holly’s don’t give a **** attitude, not to mention her intricate but totally wearable make up looks. She makes them look so simple yet her precision is amazing. She is very honest and doesn’t take herself too seriously which gives her videos a laid back edge.

We’re living in a generation who live out their lives on social media with any tutorial you could ever wish for at our fingertips within seconds from hundreds of thousands – no – MILLIONS of influencial men and women. It’s important to find ones we can relate to and are fun to watch. These women inspire me for various reasons and I’m proud to be their loyal subscriber.

Love, Dannii x

2 thoughts on “Favourite British YouTubers

  1. I have only subscribed to Kaushal since very long time. I need to check the others that you have mentioned. By the way your blog is very beautiful and unique loved it. 🙂

    1. Ah thank you so much! I love Kaushal, she is just the most beautiful person in every way! I love her views on natural beauty & how she doesn’t use all the ridiculous lighting and editing software x

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