You NEED The ‘Manage Christmas’ App!

Before you say it, I KNOW it’s only October, but hate me even more when I tell you I am usually almost done by now, Scrooge! USUALLY – not this year though, I really need a kick up the bum as my stress levels cannot cope with this level of disorganisation.

**This is NOT a sponsored post!**

My lovely, beautiful, sweet 9 year old Daughter reads my blogs (hello Evie!) so I will keep this as magical as possible.

As we all know, Santa works in different ways for different people. For most families he’ll bring the stockings and a main gift leaving parents to buy the rest. The arrangement we have with him is that he brings all the presents & we send him the money & budgets so his elves can do wonderful things that us mere mortals couldn’t possibly do. I buy all the relatives’ gifts & wrap those myself.

We also have an elf who brings treats & Christmas Eve boxes, but I’ll document his antics in another post!

I found this app a few years ago and I honestly don’t how 1) I functioned without it & 2) how everyone else functions without it. The last 3 Christmases have been relatively stress free due to this little gem & I want to shout it from the rooftops!
I got this from Appstore for my iPhone, not sure if it’s available on Android. You can have a password on it too if you have any sneaky peekers and best of all, it’s free – YIPPEE!

Christmas Organiser

When you start the app you choose a total budget and preferred currency (you can change this at any point).

As you start adding gifts it knocks it off your budget so you can see it dwindling before you make the commitment of buying anything.

The app has 3 main sections; People/Gifts/Ideas.


Under this section you create the recipients, the budget for that individual & colour code them. I make them yellow while I’m buying/deciding, turquoise once they’re all finished then I change them to pink when I’ve sent/handed them over.

Then you just start adding gift ideas, items you’ve seen or things you’ve already bought. The app will tell you if you’re under/over budget and how much by. When you start putting gifts on, the app prompts you to add what the item is, where it’s from & the price. Underneath that you change the status to “not bought/bought/wrapped/sent”. I find this particularly handy as I wrap as I go along a lot of the time.


This is automatically generated after you start inputting gifts. It sorts the gifts into “not bought/bought/wrapped/sent” which I find really helpful for when you’re near the end of your Christmas shopping. It tells you at the side who that gift is for too! Impressive, right!?


This section is brilliant for looking for gift ideas based on categories. I don’t use it much as there isn’t a great deal of variety; I’m hoping over the years as this app gains downloads, they’ll collaborate with other brands/stores for a better selection.

I would love to see a ‘notes’ section for things like Christmas food, who to write cards for etc but honestly, I’m just being extra picky. The app as it is will revolutionise your Christmas shopping forever!

Love, Dannii x

31 thoughts on “You NEED The ‘Manage Christmas’ App!

  1. I love this idea! Definitely going to download it as I’ve just started noting down present ideas in my notebook but this is way better! This was an amazing post, thank you xx

  2. I’d never heard of this app. I think it can save so many people so much stress. Between putting pressure on ourselves to do the shopping, and then putting stress on our budgets by going overboard, it looks like this app can help on both accounts.

  3. what a neat app for the xmas shopping! it’s a great way to keep your gifts for everyone organized and helps you stay on budget… I’m going to use this ; )

  4. This app looks perfect for me. I do a similar thing with budgets/what I’ve bought in my iPhone notes so this would make it much easier!

    Ami xxx

  5. If youve got a lot pf people to buy presents for then this would be a great way to stay organized for sure. Thankfully I don’t have too many Family members and only 1 friend I buy Christmas gifts for as half my Family (now) doesn’t do Christmas in the way that I do… maybe a bit of a blessing as my Husband’s side of the Family is way bigger than my side lol!

  6. Thanks Dannii! I downloaded this app and it is amazing it has been my life saver for organising Christmas (and birthdays). Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for sharing xxx

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