Roccabox October 2017 Review

Out of all my 5 subscription boxes, there is something about Roccabox that gets me a tad bit more excited than the others. 

Perhaps it is the fact that every month the box is carefully put together by beauty bloggers… This month they collaborated with Daisie Smith (Beauty’s Big Sister). I hadn’t heard of her before but I do love discovering people, so I have given her a follow on Instagram (here) & YouTube (here)

Roccabox is a rolling monthly subscription service that you can cancel at any time. You usually receive the box the first week of each month and it costs £10 + £3.95 P&P & you can buy it here!

There was a delay in this months’ delivery. Roccabox very kindly sent an email to their subscribers to inform them that they were waiting on an item to be delivered before they could dispatch. Judging by the ‘Roccabox’ stick on the actual box, I’m guessing it was that! Usually they have pretty embossed rose gold print. I tend to keep most of my boxes but just for storage, so that didn’t bother me at all & I appreciated the fact they care enough about their customers to keep us in the loop (AHEM, Glossybox! Take note!)

Buxom Mascara – SAMPLE (RRP £16 for full size)

This is great, the wand isn’t something I’d normally go for but it works well with the formula. It dries quickly meaning it will hold the curl & doesn’t seem to flake, so far!

YesTo Cucumber Sleeping Mask RRP £2.99

I love a face mask, one that works overnight though?! I’m a front sleeper, face in pillow, hair down & (probably) dribbling… so the idea that this would be rubbed off within 15 mins of the Land of Nod & tangled in my freshly washed hair… hmmm! However, it is THE creamiest, thickest, yummiest (don’t eat it) mask I have EVER tried. It actually absorbs really well. I put it on an hour before bed & it was pretty much fully absorbed by the time I tucked myself in. Absolutely divine! In the morning I washed it off & my skin was the softest it has been in YONKS! I will 100% be repurchasing.

Vita Liberata Mini Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish (SAMPLE RRP £5)

This product claims to blur out imperfections like veins and bruising, and give a subtle glow. There really isn’t enough in the sample for me to base a solid judgement on that but I used it on my face & chest and it seemed to be a good primer. Quite glowy & a hint of tan. I wouldn’t have been able to go foundation free with this though & I’m unlikely to buy it again, unfortunately.

Milani HD Lip Colour in Rich Caramel (RRP £4.99)

I use Milani’s foundation & concealer and LOVE them, this is my third Milani product and it hasn’t let me down! This little beauty is just GORGEOUS. The perfect shade for every skin tone. It’s quite shimmery so if you’re loyal to mattes, this probably isn’t for you. It’s absolutely stunning, creamy & moisturising. Doesn’t last brilliantly & the clicky twist up part is annoying but I would definitely buy it again at this price!

Bliss Fabulous Make Up Melt Gel to Oil Cleanser (RRP £24)

I wouldn’t buy it again at £24 but it is a fab little cleanser. It removed most of my make up and it smells beautiful. It left my skin feeling nourished.
Overall: As ALWAYS, Roccabox has come through yet again. Whilst their competitors seem to be offering the same products within months of each other, Roccabox is innovative & offers some unusual brands alongside better known ones. The thought put into each box is fab & I am always so excited to see what’s to come next…

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