Glossybox October 2017: Review

This was the month! It felt like Harry Potter’s sorting hat. Am I a Mermaid? Am I a Unicorn?! One Beauty Subscription Box would give me my answer… Filled with 5 unicorn & mermaid themed (full sized) products, this was set to be a gooden.

However, my usual delivery date came & went and I trawled Twitter to see whether a Mermaid or Unicorn would actually be delivering it? Maybe they got lost. Glossybox should have sent an email round informing us of the delay in my opinion – but we received nada…

I was a…
UNICORN! How excited I was. There is a unicorn emoji for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter purposes but no mermaid… it’s the little things!
If you haven’t already heard about Glossybox – if you haven’t, are you living under a rock?! – It is a monthly subscription box costing £10 + £3.25 postage each month. It’s a rolling subscription service which automatically renews but you can cancel at any time. Order here

Sleek Creme to Powder Blush RRP £5.99

I’ll start by saying I’m not a fan of creme blush, even if this one does supposedly turn to a powder-like consistancy. Just like I’m not a fan of stick concealers, I don’t like the application. This looks deceiving because it’s not as pink as it first appears which is a plus though!

Lord & Berry Eyebrow Pencil RRP £14.00)

I received this in a beauty box a few months ago so this wasn’t new to me. It’s VERY creamy which means it applies well, however, it loses it’s shape so if you’re after perfectly precise brow hair strokes, this isn’t the product for you. Since discovering brow pomade I’ve not picked up a pencil.

Bang Beauty Lip, Cheek & Eye Tint

This is very pretty, very subtle & very glossy. I prefer it on my lips as it gives a really beautiful shine and it’s moisturising too!

Kawaii Brush Cleaner RRP £7.99

This is SO handy (geddit!?) you pop it on your fingers, apply brush cleaner (soap/shampoo/whatever floats your boat) and the grooves help clean your brushes brilliantly!

Make Up Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns RRP £4.00

This is the star of the show – I already own this palette. It’s very pigmented, amazing colours & nothing else could represent the theme better!

Overall: I’m not overly impressed. Especially as the Mermaid theme got EXACTLY the same products (just a different colour brush cleaner!) We were all giddy over a box basically 🤔  The fact all 5 products are full sized is great though!

Which box did you get?

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