Autumn Loves

I love Summer, but I cannot shake the comfort that big baggy jumpers, long sleeves & outfits that show veeeeery little skin brings to me! 
I love the colours; the oranges, the browns, the neutrals, mustard jumpers, copper & red nails, metallic lip gloss & warm matte lipsticks.

(Opi nail varnish in Romantically Involved)

I love the leaves on the floor, the naked trees, the 20 mugs of tea I can drink before 10am.

The food – oh GOD the FOOOOOD!! My slow cooker takes a beating! There is nothing better than turning the slow cooker on at 9am before the school run, and walk back through the door at 4pm smelling the amazing aroma of a beef stew wafting around. The ginger biscuits & hot chocolate with marshmallows…

(Image from Google)
I love the ‘big light’ off and the ‘little light’ (lamp!) on. I love hearing it peeing down with rain outside while I’m snuggling my kids under a blanket on my sofa with a good book.
I love Autumn TV! The X Factor, dramas, Strictly Come Dancing, The Apprentice, Towie (ooooh, how many points do I lose for mentioning Towie?!)
I love the wax melts that companies bring out! The cinnamons, the log fire scents, the warm and spicy aromas of my little burner drifting the smell of Autumn through the house!

I love the walks, Betsy (20 months) gleefully kicking at the fallen leaves & purposely walking directly into the puddles. I love the colour of the sky as the sun sets. I love the crisp air and the birds happily going about their business come rain or shine. I love that ‘wind down ‘time’ gets earlier because it’s dark outside which is all the approval I need to kick back, feet up & control the TV for the evening.

(My family walking in Ramsey for my Mum’s birthday, UK)
I love Autumn themed books with happy ever afters.
What is there not to love about this amazing season?! Other than the rain… which to be fair – in the UK – happens during all four seasons!
What’s your favourite Season?

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