Why I Quit YouTube

I’m taking a break for good reasons!
My camera is horrific. When I say “my camera”, I mean my iPhone 6. Terrible quality and I have no storage on my phone! Oh the videos I’ve had to delete because I’ve done a whole make up look and it only recorded up to my base make up (ARGH!)
I also take SO long doing really decent looks that I worry I’d bore everyone with the tutorial on it. 20 minutes to perfect a wing?! No thanks.
I can’t watch myself back; I cringe. It’s bad enough knowing my Husband can hear me downstairs enthusiastically ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ at new products. There was a time he walked in while I was showing the camera a new highlighter. I had my arm bent in the weirdest position because I’d swatched in the most bizarre place & I was half way through saying “OH EM GEEEEEEEEE! This is off the wall AMAZEBALLS!” He just stared at me like this & backed out slowly:

(Ashley Rickards from MTV’s “Awkward”)
I can’t do that sexy slow-mo that everyone does at the end, I look like a sloth.
I usually have small childrens’ voices screeching in the background. No matter how many times I tell my kids that I just need 30 minutes to film, something really eventful happens. My Son drops the milk all over my kitchen floor, one of the bathrooms is out of loo roll, one of them breathed too closely to another… y’know, stuff like that.
So yeah, I’m hoping I’ll have a great camera, a decent space to film & get quicker with my tutorials at some point 🤞🏼
You can see my channel here!

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