Q&A With Tiffany Nicholls, YouTuber & Owner of ‘Tiffany Does Lashes’

Tiffany Nicholls is a Cambridgeshire based Make Up Artist, YouTuber, Instagrammer & beauty enthusiast – and just to add to the whirlwind that is her schedule, this year she brought out her own very successful Lash brand (Tiffany Does Lashes)!

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Tiffany and to throw questions at her that I’ve been dying to ask!
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When did you start becoming interested in beauty & fashion?

“I started getting into make up and fashion in secondary school- up until then I didn’t have much of an opinion- something which I think has changed a lot with today’s youth which saddens me! Everyone is growing up too fast 😓

I made some huge make up faux pas… as a child of the 80s, Rimmel Heather Shimmer was pretty much all that was on offer on my teenage years! At school I used to use pastel gel liner pens as eye liner… fabulous!”
What inspired you to become a Make Up Artist?

“I wanted to become a Make Up Artist because I love making people feel good. It’s such an amazing feeling when you reveal their face at the end and they smile… some even cry they are so happy! It’s lovely to be able to give people that confidence ♥️”
How did you go about becoming a MUA?

“I kind of fell into it! I trained as a beauty therapist after my A Levels and then started doing friends’ wedding make up as their wedding gifts. It just grew and grew via word of mouth… which I think is the best way and so lovely! 

I did some separate training with the mineral make up brand Jane Iredale but I think the best training is to watch YouTube tutorials!”
What advice would you give to people starting out in the beauty industry?

“My advice is to be passionate about what you do and to network! Beauty and make up is a very saturated market. If you love what you do and show passion you WILL stand out! You’re part of someone’s most special day and it’s important to be genuine as so many people can do make up but not everyone is YOU so make sure you love what you do and it will show! 

With networking, again, the make up and beauty world is very small… be kind and make friends with like minded people – you scratch their back and they will scratch yours! It’s always good to have friends in the field!”
What made you decide to bring out your own brand of lashes?

“I started my own lash line after trying soooo many brands for my work. There ways always something that wasn’t quite perfect with them! Also the fur trade is rife in the lash industry so it left me with very little choice! 

I decided it was a case of if you want a job done properly, do it yourself. So I did!”
How difficult was it to set up & start your business?

“It was fairly difficult to source the lashes mainly as they are all based in China. Communication can be tricky and like I say, there are soooo many that deal in mink fur lashes, very few stock synthetic and human hair. The cost is also high so you need an initial down payment but the company I use are very good and make the process more bearable for me.”
What is the reason you chose to name your lashes after lines from the film ‘Mean Girls’?

“I spent ages thinking what to call my lashes! All other brands were doing names or naming them after locations and I was a little stuck! 

The quotes came from me deciding to call one of my lashes ‘You Go Glen Coco’ and then I thought, ‘you know what, let’s go with some more mean girls quotes!’
If you had to ditch Vlogging or Tutorials, which would you choose & why?

“This is so hard! Vlogging shows more of me…which I think I important to help people connect. 

My tutorials, I love doing but it’s such a saturated market that they never get many views 😞 and that is disappointing! So I’d have to say I’d ditch tutorials as simply I don’t think they would be missed much!”
What are your top 5 beauty products at the moment?

Tarte Shape Tape 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 

Origins Drink Up Face Mask 

The Balm Maryloumanizer Highlight

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette
Who inspires you from the Celebrity world & why?

“Kim Kardashian… I mean… No one wears make up better in my opinion! She always nails it…well, her make up artist does! I literally will buy anything that woman wears on her face!”
Will you be expanding your brand to include other beauty products in the future?

“I would love to expand…but…I feel like everything else has been done and I think if I could come up with something radical then yes totally! Also I think I’d need to sell a hell of a lot of lashes to be able to afford to!”
Don’t forget to check Tiffany out on Instagram & YouTube, be sure to look at her beautiful lash range at http://www.tiffanydoesmakeup.co.uk/Shop 

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