Best Halloween Make Up on Instagram

I LOOOOOOOOVE Instagram! I love the undiscovered make up lovers who put hours into a look in return for maybe 60 likes and a handful of comments. We all start somewhere, right?! 
I wanted to compile a little gallery of my favourite Instagram accounts with amazing Halloween artistry (with under 5,000 followers) and share their amazing artwork with you all! I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween by any means, but these Halloween make up ideas are too good not to share.
(At risk of sounding like Dermot), in no particular order…

1. m_shadowsss

Just how cute is this witch hat?! So adorable! Easy to recreate too if you’re not after a full scary face!

2. While_lia_shines

This Zombie must have taken AGES to create – dedication! I love the hand detail too.

3. _kcbeauty

This amazing skull look is created from rhinestones! Amazing! Love the way she captured this in shadows too, spooky!

4. tinklou86

Pop art Zombie! This is one you don’t see recreated every day 👌🏼 A huge talent who is HalloQueen!

5. melissajaynemua

How can someone make a green Frankinstein look sexy?! She absolutely nailed it!


I’m a huge fan of her work anyway as she always does more than just her face, this is awesome adaption of the Joker!


How this girl isn’t followed by most of the make up world is beyond me. Such talent. Anyone who has tried working with a liquid liner will know the skill needed to pull this off!

8. sareeeb

I’ve seen this look done a few times but hers is brilliant! How she did the insides of the throat too, woaaaah.

9. sloan_makeup

The Night Before Christmas is an amazing film anyway, this pop art version of Sally is so good, SO GOOD!

10. bobbibickerofficial

I love a half & half! I love both sides so much, the lips on the glam theme are gorgeous!
Last but not least. Here is my entry. I wasn’t going to post it on here but after spending almost 8 hours (& failing miserably) trying to remove the fake blood stains, I’m not letting that effort go to waste!

So there we have it, my top 10 accounts under 5k who are SLAYING the Halloween make up this year.
Click on the Insta account names to go to the pic. Give them a like, a follow (if you like what you see). We should support the Make Up Enthusiasts who are always striving to have their talents seen & working God knows how many hours to pull off original work.
Which one is your fave?

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