Smyths Toys Superstores: Gender Stereotyping

Dear Smyths Toys Superstores,
My 5 year old Son has been walking around with your catalogue under his arm for the past few weeks circling (the most expensive – sigh) items for his birthday and Christmas wish lists. From Lego sets to flying helicopters to dressing up.
I encouraged him to write a list down as opposed to ruining the catalogue as my other children will no doubt start wanting to do theirs & force me into my non existent overdraft.

Whilst he was showing me his (many, MANY, MAAAAANY) items on his list & cross referencing them with the catalogue, he stopped at the doll page and said “YOU told me boys can play with dolls!” I replied (perplexed) that of course they can, why wouldn’t they? He said “because there are no boys on these pages and they’re all PINK!”

I tried to gently explain in child friendly terms the notion of big corporate companies exploiting gender stereotypes but I don’t quite think it quite cut the mustard. 
Fact is, kids aged 5 are visual little creatures & if they don’t SEE it with their own eyes, then it doesn’t matter what us boring parents say…
…so I’ll ask you instead. If you agree that boys can play with dolls. Why did you choose female models? Why did you choose pink pages?

Kind regards
Mother of a boy, aged 5, who likes cars and trucks and dolls and dressing up

2 thoughts on “Smyths Toys Superstores: Gender Stereotyping

  1. These stores need to tone it down. I want to get my son a doll as well and it would be great if they had more to choose from!

    1. Totally! Boys can become parents too. They still have the same active imaginations as girls. Wish brands would let kids be kids instead of stereotyping them 😦

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