Look Fantastic Review: October 17

This monthly subscription beauty box starts at £13.00 per month (including P&P)

I was very excited to see the design of the box. “Indulge Me” screams pampering, skincare & feeling great about yourself! It’s a very pale pink colour with rose gold detail & this month’ quote inside the box says “Nourish to Flourish” which is pretty simple but nice all the same.
I was initially quite excited when I started picking the items out but then I felt a bit deflated as I put them back in. I’m not sure why but I think I expected a bath bomb or bath salts, a moisturiser would have been good and maybe a universal warm nude lipstick perhaps? I also see they have duplicated one product that was in another beauty box last month… I’ll tell you how I truly feel about this later…


I mean, I understand why they put this in. It’s Autumn, dry skin etc. I would have preferred a body moisturiser or even a hand cream. Hand glove masks though?! I’m not convinced. I have hand creams that are fantastic, this is one application and I don’t think it’s THAT much better than a rich & creamy hand cream that you can apply as and when you need it. I have chosen to set this aside for my Nan for Christmas as it’s just not something I’m interested in using for myself.

It’s no secret I bloody LOVE this stuff! It’s perfect for my combination skin. The oils balance out my own natural oil & my dry patches are no more. I do think it’s a bit naughty to be using a product that was in Glossybox last month. It feels a bit desperate for them to have to use it the following month. I’m NOT complaining, honest, I really love this product. For those who don’t though, they’ve possibly got it twice.


This one is pretty exciting. They claim that Victoria Beckham’s ‘go to’ favourite skincare product. That’s promising! I love VB & trust her with her favourites when she looks so good. This is 1 product out of 3 for a formulated daily skincare routine by Dr Lancer. It’s an everyday exfoliating facial treatment that claims to resurface your skin & even out its tone.


I like Ciate Nail varnishes so I was excited to receive this. The wand isn’t my preferred shape but I gave it a go anyway. It’s a good product, not one I’m likely to buy in full but I was happy to receive it anyway. It probably won’t replace my Loreal Baby Roll mascara any time soon though.


I was very happy to receive this! I suffer with Psoriasis so when I noticed that it’s not only cruelty free & vegan, it contains no parabens! Hooray! It smells divine & it feels pretty awesome to apply too.


I like this product & it’s exclusive to Look Fantastic. It’s my colour which is a good start I suppose! It conceals well and the formula is good. It creases quite a bit so does need setting powder. I don’t mind that too much. 
OVERALL: I’m not overly excited, this was a little bit underwhelming… it didn’t leave me wanting to go take off all my make up & jump in the bath to try it all. Unfortunately, I am thinking about cancelling this box and replacing it with another…
Any suggestions for new beauty boxes I can try?

2 thoughts on “Look Fantastic Review: October 17

  1. I use birchbox instead of look fantastic and it’s quite possibly my favourite beauty box (I also use glossybox and roccabox) and I love all the vouchers you get and free gifts you can opt for. You also get to pick your box design and for one of your products you get to choose between 2 products which you prefer to receive. It’s also £1 cheaper than the others

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