Autumn/Winter Skincare Favourites

I’m not one to stick to New Year Resolutions, but this year I have! I made a promise to myself that in the year I turn the big 3-0 I will take more care with my skin & body. Before 1st January 2017 I owned only 3 skincare products – Simple Cream Cleanser, Simple Toner & Simple Facial Moisturiser – all of which I received in a gift set Christmas 2016. I’d remove my make up with baby wipes and that was the extent of my skincare regime!

10 months on & I can hand on heart say that I have only faltered with my skincare regime a handful of times. I’m enjoying discovering new products and I can’t wait to share my current favourites with you!
I have compiled my top 8 skincare products to see you through Autumn/Winter. 8 absolute must haves!

1. St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub (RRP £5.65): 

Not only does it contain 100% natural ingredients & is paraben free, it smells like true apricots, not perfumey – but real, ripe apricots. It is not harsh on your face like some other scrubs & it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, revived and smooth. Removing dead skin cells from your face is vital for a youthful glow! Buy it here

2. Cowshed Toner (RRP £17.00): 

This is pricey for a toner, granted – but toners are designed to cleanse & remove debris, dirt and excess oil from pores to reveal glowing & radiant skin, so it’s worth investing in a decent brand! This particular one contains essential oils such as Chamomile and Lavender, if you could put a scent on bed time, this would be it. Instantly relaxing, gloriously scented, & a little goes a long way! Buy it here

3. Monuskin Firming Facial Oil (RRP £21.95): 

Suitable for all skin types, everyone can benefit from this beauty! If you have oily skin, oily products can be ideal to balance it out. If you have dry skin, this is perfect for lasting hydration. I apply before bed & by morning my skin is glowing, soft & so hydrated – perfect for this time of year when your face takes a battering by the weather! Buy it here

4. Olay 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Wash (RRP £1.45): 

I use this daily & it has lasted me 2 months already with another few weeks worth left in the tube. It has no fragrance & removes a good amount of make up ready for cleansing! It’s gently on your eyes too so no sudden “ouchies” when you get the froth in your eyes! Buy it here

5. Coconut Oil (RRP £2.49) 

Any type is fine but I use Superdrug’s own brand. You can use this on your hair, scalp & any dry patches on your face or body, but I love to use it as a lip balm as it’s so moisturising (& tastes quite nice too!). A little goes a long way as it melts into your skin as an oil with the heat from your skin, so it will last throughout the colder months. Buy it here

6. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (RRP £4.99): 

Use with cotton pads, this is my go to product first thing in the morning! It is gentle on your skin and removes impurities ready to moisturise. It comes in a big ol’ bottle too so will last ages. Buy it here

7. Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream (RRP £28.00): 

Straight after cleansing, I reach for this. It’s thick, rich & creamy formula will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling full of life! A little goes a long way as it absorbs into your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which is a key ingredient for keeping a fresh, flawless and youthful complexion. for Buy it here

8. Origins Active Charcoal Mask (RRP £25.00): 

This is wonderful for a facial detox! You apply a thin layer & wait for it to do it’s magic. It dries quickly, within 10 minutes. Your face feels tighter, cleansed & fresh after using. I use this once a week & I love it! Buy it here

So there you have it – my current faves! If you have any tips or recommended products to share, I’m always happy to hear them! 

4 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter Skincare Favourites

  1. I’m obsessed with skincare and just recently revamped my routine. I love the idea of using an oil as a moisturizer- especially lightweight ones that absorb quickly! A nice scrub is always helpful too. Thanks for sharing your routine, I love seeing what products others are using! I would totally use all of these! X Jen

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