Superdrug Autumn/Winter Beauty Haul

It’s upon us! My favourite 2 seasons of the year! Fallen leaves, snuggly blankets, Halloween, Christmas, New Year… new beauty products for me to indulge myself with! Yayzers!

My experience with Superdrug is always pleasant. The website is easy to use, the departments are labelled well so you can browse according to what tickles your fancy at that time. I almost always head STRAIGHT for the make up section & sort it to ‘newest first’. Got to be one of the first to try out new beauty products first, right?! 

Click here for the Superdrug Website <– 🛍 Thank me later…
I decided I have MORE than enough skincare to see me through the next month at least, so my beauty haul is pretty much a make up haul.

The box arrived within 3 days of ordering & my cheerful Postie handed it to me whilst rays of sunshine illuminated little ol’ me, in slow mo, beaming as I took the box & squealed in delight at it’s beauty! OK, slight elaboration.

Enough rambling, I know you want to see my goodies!

First up we have…

B. Blending Sponge (RRP £3.32)

This is a spin off of the high end version of the iconic Beauty Blender. I love a good dupe! This is pretty good, although won’t last as long so it’s worth buying a couple at that price to see you through. Mainly because it goes a bit ‘bitty’. Cleans ok, doesn’t absorb much product, blends nicely… amazing price! Just a tad too firm for my liking.

Next we have…

Make Up Revolution Brow Pomade in Graphite (RRP £6.00)

This is also a fantastic dupe, for the Anastasia Dip Brow (& at a teeny tiny fraction of the cost). It’s can dry out & go a little tough but add a couple of drops of face oil/coconut oil and you’re good to go! The brush it comes with is pretty handy, although I still use my Make Up Revolution E104 brush to apply. The formula is good, it doesn’t smudge easily & it holds well up against wid, rain & sweat. Overall a fantastic buy!


MUA Cosmetics Winter Forest Matte Palette (RRP £2.00)

Yes, £2! Unfortunately, some of the shades reflect the price but who’s complaining?! Well, me, kinda… The lighter shades have almost no colour payoff at all. Once blended they almost disappear which is a shame. The real star of the show is the navy blue (called ‘Midnight’) which is SUPER pigmented and blends quite nicely! The colours really do say ‘Winter Forest’ with the beautiful dark, neutral, blues and greens.

Next up…

Loreal Magic Retouch (RRP £6.99)

This is my daily lifesaver, particularly when I wear my hair up. Sparse baby hair? Thinning? Greys peeking through? Not anymore! This delightful spray comes in a range of shades. You simply spray to either cover scalp or greys and voila! Thicker looking hair in an instant!

The downfall: You will need a towel & it does stain clothes! Be careful when applying it.

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Varnish (RRP £3.99) in Rose Gold

It chips easily. There, I said it. Straight off the bat, it does. HOWEVER! I don’t care that I have to reapply it 2-3 times a week, it’s the most amazing colour! The whole shade range just screams Autumn & in my opinion, it’s an absolute must have.

Miss Sporty Check Matte in Absolute Mauve (RRP £1.99)

The prettiest shade of cool toned grey with a subtle hint of lilac. I adore it! Again, it chips quite easily but a couple of coats of top coat & you have beautiful nails! I love this colour, so elegant, so WINTER!

Rimmel Lip Liner in Cappucino (RRP £2.99)

Rimmel is my ‘go to’ drug store brand of lip liner. No others seem to compare to the wear, application, formula and colour range. This particular colour is perfect this season. Slightly darker than my natural lip colour so it’s fab for overlining!

Make Up Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns (RRP £4.00)

Oh. So. Pretttttttttty! I cannot get over the colours! All shimmers, all beautiful! My inner 12 year old make up experimenter extraordinare is coming out. The colour payoff is good, even better if you spray your brush once you’ve collected some colour <NEVER WET YOUR BRUSH BEFORE YOU PICK UP COLOUR, IT WILL RUIN IT! This goes for any palette!> 

Make Up Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection (RRP £8.00)

I’m SO glad I finally got this palette. It’s perfect for the next two seasons. The neutrals are fab, blend well and decent pigmentation. The bottom row is fab! The tones are to die for & will suit every skin & eye colour. Delicious!

Overall, I love everything I bought in this little haul! It’s well worth a trip to your local Suoerdrug (or online) to see what bargains you can pick up. I’m definitely going to have fun playing with these beautiful Autumn & Winter tones!

Love Dannii x

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